Best Crypto & Bitcoin Gambling Sites in Canada

Now that crypto gambling sites are available, conventional gambling websites face an uphill struggle to attract customers.

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The many benefits of digital currency are already alluring new Canadian users.

Nevertheless, we urge caution because the Bitcoin gambling site sphere has plenty of shady companies.

Check out our detailed article, which determines the most highly regarded crypto gambling sites in 2024.

It describes the following essential points:

  • Cryptocurrency gambling site aspects to focus on when making your selection

  • The pros and cons of these sites

  • A quick look at four of the most frequently used cryptocurrencies on gambling companies.

  • Canada’s legislation on digital currency and gambling

It’s time to get started!

According to our crypto gambling site list, BC.Game, SuperSlots, ThunderPick, Jazz Casino and Betonline are the top picks for 2024.

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Picking The Most Outstanding Crypto Gambling Sites In 2024

The market’s rapid growth means there is a dizzying number of Bitcoin gambling sites available to Canadians.

Yet, it is essential to take your time and choose carefully.

If you don’t, there’s a danger of picking a poor fit for your requirements.

Fortunately for you, here’s an overview of the criteria to consider when searching for a suitable site.


Few things matter in your search more than locating gambling sites that accept BTC with positive reputations.

If the cryptocurrency gambling website keeps your cryptos and refuses to release the funds, you are powerless to stop it.

The non-reversible nature of digital currency transactions means there is no central authority to take action on your behalf.

Therefore, it makes sense to check out our reviews to learn more about the reputation of Bitcoin gambling sites.

Overall, it is essential to discover if the crypto gambling website:

  • Is trustworthy

  • Enables you to get hold of your money easily

  • Has customer support worth mentioning


With cryptocurrency, there is little waiting around for a transaction to go through.

Nonetheless, some BTC gambling websites are slower to process payments than others and have other constraints.

Here are three questions to ask regarding crypto gambling site transactions:

  • How long must you wait for deposits & withdrawals to process?

  • Does it accept popular digital currencies? (These include ETH, DOGE, BTC, and LTC)

  • How much are you allowed to deposit and withdraw at once?

Variety & quality of what's on offer

If a gambling site doesn’t have enough options to keep you entertained, you’re not likely to persevere with it.

Regardless of all the other features on BTC gambling sites, if they offer limited choices, it won’t take long for you to get bored.

Therefore, investigate a site’s markets, game quantity, and special features to see if it holds your attention.

Additionally, take into account the general quality of the site.

Regardless of quantity, if you’re forced to use the same kind of games and markets, your patience quickly wears thin.

Moreover, sites that offer progressive jackpots and long odds could help you get the most out of your Bitcoin.

Bonuses & Other Benefits

Typically, gambling sites offer bonuses as a means of bringing in new customers.

The types of rewards on offer include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Welcome bonus

  • Bonuses for using Bitcoin

  • VIP programs

  • No deposit bonuses

  • Reload bonuses

Please ensure you read the terms and conditions attached to each bonus.

They usually seem generous but often have strings attached.

For example, you may have to gamble through your initial deposit dozens of times to withdraw the bonus.

Customer support

The site you want to use is one that genuinely cares about its clientele.

By themselves, good features and easy deposits aren’t guaranteed to offer a good user experience.

When Bitcoin gambling sites ignore their customers, they are a waste of your time and money.

If you use a gambling site with rude or unresponsive customer support, it is easy to get annoyed.

On the contrary, Bitcoin gambling sites dedicated to high-quality customer service are usually highly rated.

These brands deal with your issues ASAP and don’t stop until you are satisfied.

The best Crypto Gambling Sites are in our guide

You’ll find a ton of information about crypto gambling sites online without question.

Unfortunately, you can’t trust a LOT of it!

In most cases, sites that provide faulty information are too lazy to find the truth.

In contrast, we use as many resources as possible to provide the best review of a gambling website.

It takes many hours of play to ensure we get enough information.

We do this because we believe it is the only way to create the industry’s best review content.

Already, we have reviewed an immense number of gambling sites and are far from being finished.

Main cryptos overview

Overall, you’ll find thousands of cryptocurrencies with new ones seemingly created each day.

Even so, don’t expect any gambling website to offer too many options.

Below, we feature four digital currencies commonly used on gambling platforms that authorize crypto transactions.


An unknown collective or individual named ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ created Bitcoin, the first crypto asset, in January 2009.

It became the first cryptocurrency to exceed a market cap of $1 trillion, and its growth shows no signs of stopping.

The popularity and worth of Bitcoin mean that crypto gambling websites welcome its use.

On the downside, it costs a huge amount of money to own a full BTC these days.

On the plus side, the Bitcoin network is incredibly secure and has never been successfully hacked.

Here’s Why You Should Select Crypto Gambling Sites

Given the amount of advertising regarding Bitcoin gambling sites, you’re likely wondering if the praise is deserved.

Ultimately, they ARE better than conventional gambling sites and are likely the future.

Keep reading to discover why you should choose them.

Protect your privacy

Those who use gambling companies still have to look over their shoulders despite the industry’s growth.

Banks, in particular, are against the idea of gambling on one of these sites.

They like it when you fund your hobby with fiat, as it is easy for them to trace.

There are many reports of them turning down mortgage applications because the individual used a gambling website.

With crypto, you get the anonymity you crave.

These transactions take place away from the prying eyes of the banking system.

As a result, you can register, deposit, and enjoy everything a gambling website has to offer in complete privacy.

Crypto is better than fiat

Fiat currency is old-fashioned and no longer suitable for the world we live in.

Excessive printing of fiat means it has reduced purchasing power from one year to the next.

This means the $1,000 fiat in your account today will be worth less in real terms five years from now.

As Adam Smith once wrote: “The problem with fiat money is that it rewards the minority that can handle money but fools the generation that has worked and saved money.”

The biggest crypto assets are different insofar as they are currently growing in value.

Consequently, if you earn crypto on a gambling platform, it could act as a hedge against the inflation that cripples fiat.

Ultimately, while fiat’s time is up, the time is now for crypto.

Safer transactions

Those who oppose digital currencies outline the problems with theft and computer hacking.

Nonetheless, the majority of problems relate to cryptocurrency exchanges.

In contrast, reputable Canada crypto gambling sites are relatively ‘safe.’

Bitcoin transactions are encrypted and verified multiple times on the network.

Also, the private keys used in transfers are long and exceedingly hard to decode.

Crypto experts often point out that debit and credit cards are more vulnerable than cryptocurrency.

Exceptional user experience

Those who try BTC gambling websites often claim they find them more entertaining than conventional gambling websites.

Here are a few other advantages that lead to a superior UX:

  • Rapid transaction times so you’re not waiting to fund your account

  • Lower transaction fees

  • Additional bonuses when gambling with crypto

  • Up to date web design

  • Increased limits on deposits and withdrawals

  • A smaller chance of having your account closed for winning

If you like gambling, you should make the switch to Bitcoin gambling sites and leave conventional sites in the past where they belong.

How Do Crypto Gambling Sites Attract Gamblers?

Ultimately, the best BTC gambling websites represent a one-stop-shop for anyone interested in gambling online.

Bitcoin gambling sites offer practically every sport and market you can think, and are slower to restrict winners than many soft bookies.

They also provide a large choice of casino games.

Not to mention poker tournaments where you get to compete against real opponents.

If you’re feeling confident, you can use multiple tables at once, something that’s physically impossible in a land-based casino.

Sports Betting

Cryptocurrency gambling sites offer an impressive amount of sports and markets.

We’ve now reached the stage where such providers can match or even exceed the range of sports markets offered by fiat gambling sites.

Crypto gambling sites will give you what you need, whether it is a market for a world title fight in boxing or the Super Bowl.

You can even get involved on major events such as the World Cup or Olympic Games.

Punters who had their accounts closed by fiat gambling sites are keen to get involved in cryptocurrency gambling sites.

They get to begin all over again and use their vast knowledge to potentially generate long-term profit.

The house may have the edge overall, but a small percentage of people can beat the gambling websites.

Now that crypto gambling sites cater to their needs, these skillful individuals have somewhere to go.


Even though there’s a lot to enjoy about video poker, it isn’t the same as a tense game against fellow humans.

When you use BTC gambling websites, you have the opportunity to test your skills against fellow players.

These casinos offer numerous poker versions; here are two of the most popular.

Five card draw

Five Card Draw remains a popular poker variant, with every individual receiving five cards face down.

Each person places an ante to the pot before seeing their cards and gambling accordingly.

To win crypto after the first gamble, you can continue with your five cards or discard up to three and ask for new ones.

Texas Holdem

Few poker variants have ever captured global attention like Texas Holdem.

After receiving two cards, the players have the chance to improve their hands using up to five extra community cards.

The goal is to try and make the best possible five-card hand.

If you want real drama, try No-Limit Texas Holdem, but only if you can afford it.

Casino Games

If you can’t get to a real casino, Bitcoin gambling sites are a worthy substitute.

Lovers of traditional casino games are delighted to find the likes of baccarat, blackjack, and roulette on offer.

Apart from giving you the old-school feel of casino staples, BTC gambling websites add a new twist.

Of course, these companies always retain the house advantage, so take note of the games where the edge is at its smallest.

For example, in baccarat, the casino’s edge is smaller if you gamble crypto on the banker instead of the player.

Other great cryptocurrency gambling website gaming options include Keno, Let Em Ride, and Vegas Three Card Rummy.

Canada's Take On Cryptocurrencies And Gambling Websites: Are They Legal?

Despite the level of hype and advertising, don’t assume that it is legal to gamble on crypto gambling sites using digital currency.

While a country might allow gambling, it may not permit crypto, and vice versa.

In some cases, you can try to use Bitcoin gambling sites even if it is against the law, but it is a huge risk.

The site is free to freeze your account and keep your funds if you use it from a banned nation.

Fortunately, Canadian residents are free to use Canada Bitcoin gambling sites!

I live in Canada; can I legally use Bitcoin?

Yes, residents of Canada are legally protected should they choose to make Bitcoin transactions or buy/sell it on exchanges.

Despite the easy availability of digital assets, they are not considered legal tender.

Consequently, there’s no possibility of using it to pay taxes you owe to the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA).

Yet, the Agency considers profits on digital currency as taxable.

Accordingly, during tax season, you have to outline any profit/loss on it.

While there is regulation surrounding exchanges, it is not the same situation regarding crypto coins.

Therefore, many businesses remain unwilling to accept them as payment without the protection of a central authority.

While crypto gambling sites acknowledge the danger, they see it as a trade-off for healthier profits and greater visibility.

Where is the best place to purchase Crypto?

You can purchase crypto on exchanges.

Bear in mind these exchanges are regulated like money services businesses in Canada.

Consequently, to continue operating, these organizations must comply with rules relating to verification, recordkeeping, reporting, and a whole lot more.

In June 2020, new legislation mandated that digital exchanges had to register with FinTRAC.

It is Canada’s main authority when it comes to investigating and punishing financial misconduct.

Strong regulation in Canada and a high level of crypto security means buyers and users are well protected.

Can Canadians Gamble online?

Yes, online gambling is perfectly legal in Canada.

However, you must be at least 19 years of age.

The exceptions are Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec, which permit 18-year-olds to gamble too.

Unless the CRA declares you a professional gambler, any money you make from successful gambles remains untaxed.

Before you try to register, please note it is against the law for a gambling website to offer its services within the Canadian border unless it is explicitly licensed or owned by a provincial government.

Yet, an estimated 1,000 unlicensed offshore companies continue to serve Canadian customers.

Single-game betting is now legal

In Canada, the laws relating to gambling date back to the Criminal Law Amendment Act, which the Canadian Parliament agreed upon in 1969.

The government then handed control of gambling laws over to the provinces in 1985.

Ultimately, the law was a massive boost for the casino industry as a significant number opened throughout Canada.

These laws are still in operation today and regulate online gambling in Canada’s provinces.

An odd quirk in the law limiting betting activity was only recently changed.

This directive ensured that making a gamble on a single game was illegal until August 2021.

Ultimately, things changed thanks to C-218, a law passed to end the prohibition of single-game wagers.