Best Tether Casinos in Canada

Standard casinos that use paper money have a new rival in the form of Tether casinos.

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The huge number of advantages associated with using crypto makes it an appealing option for many Canadians.

Yet, there are enough dodgy operators on the USDT casino scene to cause concern.

Once you’ve read this guide, you’ll know all about the best Tether casinos in 2024.

It also discusses:

  • The USDT casino features to consider when choosing

  • The upsides and downsides of these sites

  • An overview of four of the top crypto assets accepted by casino websites

  • What Canadian law says about gambling and crypto

It’s showtime!

BC.Game, SuperSlots, ThunderPick, Betonline and Bitslot are our top-rated Tether casino companies in 2024.

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What’s So Special About Tether Casinos?

Given the amount of advertising regarding casinos accepting USDT, you’re likely wondering if the praise is deserved.

We’re here to tell you that they’re superior to their traditional counterparts in many ways.

Here are just a few reasons why this is the case.

Crypto is the present; fiat is the past

Fiat currency is old-fashioned and no longer suitable for the world we live in.

Central banks worldwide continue to print paper money, which decreases its worth.

This means the $1,000 fiat in your account today will be worth less in real terms five years from now.

As Adam Smith once wrote: “The problem with fiat money is that it rewards the minority that can handle money but fools the generation that has worked and saved money.”

Conversely, many of the best-known digital currencies are experiencing value growth.

This means the value of the Tether you win on a casino could rise over time.

Ultimately, while fiat’s time is up, the time is now for crypto.

Protect your privacy

Those who use casino websites still have to look over their shoulders despite the industry’s growth.

The banking system continues to rail against playing on such a site.

They like it when you fund your hobby with fiat, as it is easy for them to trace.

Banks will even tear up your loan application if you’re caught using a casino.

If you want your pastime to remain hidden from the bank, use Tether, not fiat.

This is because the banking system is not involved in these transactions.

As a result, you can register, deposit, and enjoy everything a casino website has to offer in complete privacy.

Safer transactions

Those who oppose digital currencies outline the problems with theft and computer hacking.

Yet, most lawbreaking occurs on the digital asset exchanges.

In contrast, reputable Tether casino websites are relatively ‘safe.’

All Tether transactions are protected by a network that verifies them while also offering encryption security.

Also, the private keys used in transfers are long and exceedingly hard to decode.

Crypto experts often point out that debit and credit cards are more vulnerable than Tether.

Exceptional user experience

Overall, the many benefits offered by Tether casinos result in a better user experience than with standard casino companies.

Here are a few other advantages that lead to a superior UX:

  • Lightning transactions mean you can send and receive money in the blink of an eye

  • Smaller deposit/withdrawal fees

  • Attractive USDT use bonuses

  • Easy to navigate contemporary websites

  • Better deposit/withdrawal limits for high rollers

  • A reduced risk of account restrictions for being successful

If you like gambling, you should make the switch to Canada Tether casinos and leave conventional sites in the past where they belong.

Main cryptos overview

Overall, you’ll find thousands of cryptocurrencies with new ones seemingly created each day.

However, most casino companies that allow digital currency use only accept a handful.

Keep reading to learn more about four of the most popular digital assets accepted on casinos that use crypto.


Developed in January 2009 by someone known as ‘Satoshi Nakamoto,’ Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency.

It is the most valuable coin, having exceeded the trillion-dollar market cap mark.

Since Bitcoin has the greatest value and is the best-known cryptocurrency, practically all crypto casinos allow its use.

On the downside, it costs a huge amount of money to own a full BTC these days.

On the plus side, the Bitcoin network is incredibly secure and has never been successfully hacked.


Ethereum is the second biggest digital coin, well ahead of the rest of the field.

Vitalik Buterin and Gavin Wood created ETH in July 2015, and its array of benefits has helped its value grow significantly.

If you want lightning-quick deposits or withdrawals, Ethereum is ideal; its transaction time is 12 seconds!

According to many digital currency experts, it is best to purchase ETH now as its value might eventually exceed Bitcoin’s.


Dogecoin was created as a prank by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer in December 2013.

The coin is now synonymous with the image of the Shiba Inu dog breed.

These days, it is considered a serious digital asset, aided by promotion from Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla.

If you use DOGE on a casino, you’ll enjoy the quick transaction times and high level of security it provides.

However, there is a danger of inflation since Dogecoin has no supply limit, and not many sites accept it at present.


Tether is a massive cryptocurrency network invented in 2017.

It is a stablecoin backed by significant reserves and a popular deposit option on casino websites.

Tether is in line with USD value, so forget about fluctuations in value.

As the third biggest cryptocurrency project, Tether has an approximate market capitalization of $83 billion.

It is run by iFinex, a well-known company from Hong Kong and the owner of the BitFinex exchange.

Canada's Take On Cryptocurrencies And Casinos: Are They Legal?

There is no guarantee that you can play on any Tether casino website using crypto assets as it depends on your country’s rules.

While a country might allow gambling, it may not permit crypto, and vice versa.

Attempting to use USDT casino websites when they are illegal in your country is a big mistake.

The site is free to freeze your account and keep your funds if you use it from a banned nation.

Thankfully, Canada allows casino with Tether use as long as you follow the country’s general rules on crypto and gambling!

Are Canadian residents allowed to use Tether?

Yes, residents of Canada are legally protected should they choose to make Tether transactions or buy/sell it on exchanges.

Despite the easy availability of digital assets, they are not considered legal tender.

As a result, the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) won’t let you use it to pay your taxes.

Please note that the Agency expects you to pay tax on cryptocurrency earnings.

Accordingly, during tax season, you have to outline any profit/loss on it.

While there is regulation surrounding exchanges, it is not the same situation regarding crypto coins.

Therefore, many businesses remain unwilling to accept them as payment without the protection of a central authority.

Tether casinos in Canada are willing to make this choice, knowing they could attract a growing number of customers.

Where is the best place to purchase Tether?

Exchanges are probably the best place to buy USDT.

Bear in mind these exchanges are regulated like money services businesses in Canada.

Consequently, to continue operating, these organizations must comply with rules relating to verification, recordkeeping, reporting, and a whole lot more.

In June 2020, new legislation mandated that digital exchanges had to register with FinTRAC.

It is Canada’s main authority when it comes to investigating and punishing financial misconduct.

Therefore, contrary to what many people think, buying and using Tether in Canada is a relatively safe process.

Can Canadians Play online?

Yes, online playing is perfectly legal in Canada.

However, you must be at least 19 years of age.

If you live in one of the following provinces: Manitoba, Quebec, or Alberta, the legal gambling age is 18.

Unless the CRA declares you a professional gambler, any money you make from successful plays remains untaxed.

On the side of casinos, no business in this industry is legally allowed to operate within Canada’s borders without the permission of a provincial government.

Yet, an estimated 1,000 unlicensed offshore companies continue to serve Canadian customers.

Single-game betting is now legal

In Canada, the laws relating to gambling date back to the Criminal Law Amendment Act, which the Canadian Parliament agreed upon in 1969.

Rather than regulating gambling on a federal level, the government permitted Canadian provinces to regulate and license gambling in 1985.

This piece of legislation led to a massive increase in the number of casinos throughout Canada.

This particular law hasn’t changed since, so provinces began allowing online gaming as we entered the Internet age.

An odd quirk in the law limiting betting activity was only recently changed.

According to this ruling, only parlay plays were legal as single game plays were outlawed until August 2021.

Ultimately, things changed thanks to C-218, a law passed to end the prohibition of single-game wagers.

Tether Casinos: An Overview

As a first-time Tether casino website user, you likely don’t know what awaits you.

However, you’ll find them similar to traditional casino websites.

It won’t take long for you to determine that the main contrast lies in the use of Tether on casino companies.

They offer the same range of casino classics as standard casinos, along with a great choice of unique games.

Despite having the chance to try something different though, most individuals would rather stick with what they know.

If you fall into this category, check out the following guides to five great games you can usually play on USDT casino websites.


Developed in France in the 1700s, roulette is as popular as ever.

It is best to use the European roulette wheel as it has 37 numbers; 1-36 and a single zero.

In contrast, there are two zeroes in the 38-number American wheel, which is good for the casino.

To win in roulette, you must determine where the ball will land once the wheel stops spinning.

There is a betting table on the Tether casino screen where you can make any one of several wagers.

These are some of the most popular roulette wagers:

  • If you’re hoping to win big, try to guess a single number; getting it right pays out at odds of 35/1.

  • Going for a double or nothing wager is more sensible, such as picking red/black or an odd/even number.

  • Further possibilities include the dozens or column plays; both offer a 2/1 payout.

Also, roulette strategies like Martingale only increase your risk of ruin; they are not a surefire way to win.

The house has a built-in edge, so it is unwise to consider roulette as a method of earning a long-term income.

Instead, make your plays with fun in mind, and enjoy the unique thrill offered by this legendary casino game.


You should find blackjack on virtually every online casino website.

It is arguably the casino world’s most famous card game, probably originating in France in the 1760s.

Blackjack rules

You win in blackjack if your hand has a higher score than the dealer, and you don’t exceed 21.

More often than not, you’ll need to take a third card to achieve this objective, though it is possible to win after two.

Both player and dealer receive two cards, with your cards face up and one of the dealer’s face down.

At this point, you must do one of the following:

  • Hit: You receive an additional card

  • Stand: You decide not to accept another card

If you or the dealer scores 22+, the hand is declared ‘bust,’ and the opponent wins unless they also go bust.

Blackjack card value

  • Aces: 1 or 11

  • Picture Cards: 10

  • 2-10: The usual value

How much can I win in blackjack?

A blackjack win pays double your play, but the casino tends to take a commission to increase its edge.

If you hit a total of 21, you can expect a bonus from the Tether casino of up to 50%.

Other relevant rules in blackjack

You also have the option of surrendering or asking for insurance to reduce the risk of losing your full play.

Riskier plays include splitting or doubling down when you have a strong hand.

Check the Tether casino website’s terms and conditions to see if the dealer has to stand or hit on ‘soft’ 17.

Any hand that contains an Ace is considered soft because it is the only card in the deck with two possible values.

Video Poker

Although there is stiff competition, Jacks or Better is the #1 choice on Canada Tether casinos.

Nonetheless, there are games such as Pick’em Poker, Bonus Poker, and Deuces Wild if you want something else.

As the name suggests, you need at least a pair of Jacks from your five cards to win some money.

There are bigger prizes on offer for getting hands such as a straight flush, flush, or three of a kind.

Some USDT casino machines give you a high/low option after each winning hand, an opportunity to go double or nothing.

This additional game involves a face-up card and four face-down cards.

Winning involves choosing a card with a higher value than the one you can see.

Few Tether casino games offer a higher percentage win rate than Jacks or Better.

Unlike many casino games, video poker rewards skill, although there is still luck involved.


One could argue that the Sittman and Pitt machine of the early 1890s was the first slot.

However, Charles Fey, a German immigrant, earned greater fame for his Liberty Bell machine, created between 1887 and 1895.

The slots available at casino websites that accept USDT are mainly variations of this 125+-year-old invention.

Indeed, the 3-reel slot machine remains popular even though casinos now offer 5-reel versions.

Regardless of which one you choose, you complete a spin in seconds, and there is no learning curve.

Slots bring people in due to the volume of spins and the fact they can win with any wager.

If you’re looking to win big, find a game that offers a progressive jackpot as, on occasion, the casino accepting Tether pays out a fortune.

However, please note that slots often provide the house with a major edge, and winning is down to luck, not skill.


Baccarat is a game with a reputation for sophistication.

Probably developed in France in the 19th century, baccarat is a fairly basic casino card game.

How to play baccarat

When you make baccarat wagers, you can choose the banker or the player; the banker offers a lower house edge, for the record.

Both parties are dealt two cards, and the goal is to get the highest score as close to 9 as possible.

Once the score reaches 10 or more, the second number becomes the new value of the hand.

For instance, 6 plus 7 equals 13, so the hand is worth 3 points in baccarat.

You get one point for each Ace, no points for tens, Jacks, Queens, or Kings, and the value of cards worth 2-9 remains the same.

If the player or banker scores 8 or 9 from the first two cards, it is considered a ‘natural,’ and that person wins the hand.

If the banker and player have specific scores and no natural total, one or both receive a third card.

According to the rules, a player must accept the third card on a score of 5 or less but stands on 6 or 7.

How much can you win in Baccarat?

Baccarat is mainly a double or nothing game, minus the casino’s commission.

There is also the option to risk Tether on a tie; the odds are attractive at 8/1 or 9/1 but represent bad value.

The house edge is 1.06% if you choose the banker, 1.24% for selecting the player, and up to 14.4% on the tie.

There are three versions of baccarat; punto banco is the main game, but there are sometimes other options.

Chemin de Fer

Chemin de Fer is French for ‘railway’ and is the favored baccarat version in the European nation.

While there is only one dealer in Punto Banco, everyone gets a turn to deal in this version.

The role of the dealer shifts anti-clockwise.

If you side with the player in Chemin de Fer, you have the option of standing on 5.

Punto Banco is different as players and bankers can only stand on scores of 6 and above.

Baccarat Banque

The Baccarat Banque version of the game has retained its popularity in European casinos.

If you’re ready to take the greatest amount of risk at the table, you are rewarded with the banker job.

You must deal at least one hand as the banker; then, you can decide if you want to continue in the position.

Overall, you can become the banker no more than three times during the game.

If you’re familiar with Chemin de Fer, Baccarat Banque is easy to learn as many rules are the same.

How To Choose The Highest-Rated Tether Casinos In 2024

The market’s rapid growth means there is a dizzying number of casinos that accept Tether available to Canadians.

Yet, it is essential to take your time and choose carefully.

If you don’t, there’s a danger of picking a poor fit for your requirements.

Fortunately for you, here’s an overview of the criteria to consider when searching for a suitable site.


Few things matter in your search more than locating USDT casinos with positive reputations.

If the Canada Tether casino keeps your Tether and refuses to release the funds, you are powerless to stop it.

Crypto transactions can’t be reversed once finalized, so a shady site can do what it likes because there is no oversight.

We advise you to look through our reviews to discover the legitimacy of casinos accepting USDT.

Overall, it is essential to discover if the Tether casino website:

  • Is trustworthy

  • Enables you to get hold of your money easily

  • Has customer support worth mentioning

Deposits & withdrawals

With Tether, there is little waiting around for a transaction to go through.

Yet certain USDT casino websites may lag behind industry leaders in transaction speed and have other issues.

Before you choose any USDT casino company, here are three things to consider relating to its transactions:

  • How long must you wait for deposits & withdrawals to process?

  • Does it accept popular digital currencies? (These include ETH, DOGE, BTC, and LTC)

  • How much are you allowed to deposit and withdraw at once?

Variety & quality of what's on offer

When you’re using a casino company, variety matters.

If a certain casino with Tether doesn’t give you enough to do, there’s no reason to keep using it.

Consequently, go through a site thoroughly to ensure there’s plenty of things to generate your interest and keep it.

Furthermore, focus on the standard of the site.

Playing outdated games or using standard sports markets can get boring after a while, no matter the quantity.

Besides the above considerations, make your USDT work best by checking out sites with value odds and mega jackpots.

Bonuses & Other Benefits

Typically, casino websites offer bonuses as a means of bringing in new customers.

The types of rewards on offer include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Welcome bonus

  • Special bonuses if you deposit/withdraw using Tether

  • VIP packages

  • No deposit bonuses

  • Reload bonuses

Please ensure you read the terms and conditions attached to each bonus.

They usually seem generous but often have strings attached.

A case in point is that you have to play through up to 60 times your first deposit to benefit from the bonus.

Customer service

You also want a site that solves customer complaints quickly and effectively.

It doesn’t matter if you have tons of options and can quickly withdraw and deposit USDT.

If the USDT casino website you choose doesn’t have your back when there’s a problem, it is not worth your time.

A casino website with poor customer support can quickly cause frustration and anger.

Conversely, trustworthy Tether casino websites act fast and decisively when a customer has a problem.

Such companies help solve issues efficiently, so you can enjoy the site.

We find the top-rated Tether Casinos for you

It is simple to get information about Tether casinos online.

The problem is that much of this content contains factual errors.

Ultimately, it boils down to sites not having the desire to do the work.

We like to do things right, which is why we thoroughly examine casino websites.

It might take us days to complete enough hours of play to be satisfied that we’ve analyzed everything.

It is challenging, but we enjoy the process because we know the result is the best set of reviews around.

While you will find hundreds of casino reviews by our team, we’re only getting started!