Best Binance Coin Casinos in Canada

Now that Binance Coin casinos are available, conventional casino companies face an uphill struggle to attract customers.

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Digital assets are a fascinating addition to the market, and a growing number of Canadians are getting involved.

Unfortunately, the size of the BNB casino market means there are plenty of con artists hoping to make a quick buck.

Check out our detailed article, which determines the most highly regarded BNB casino websites in 2024.

It also discusses:

  • The Binance Coin casino features to consider when choosing

  • The upsides and downsides of these sites

  • An overview of four of the top crypto assets accepted by casinos

  • What Canadian law says about gambling and crypto

It’s showtime!

BC.Game, SuperSlots, ThunderPick, Betonline and BetBTC are our top-rated BNB casinos in 2024.

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Why Are Binance Coin Casinos Worth Your Time & Money?

Given the amount of advertising regarding Binance Coin casino websites, you’re likely wondering if the praise is deserved.

Ultimately, they ARE better than conventional casino websites and are likely the future.

Keep reading to discover why you should choose them.

Crypto is better than fiat

Fiat currency is old-fashioned and no longer suitable for the world we live in.

The consistent printing of paper money reduces its value.

This means the $1,000 fiat in your account today will be worth less in real terms five years from now.

As Voltaire famously wrote: “Paper money (…) eventually returns to its intrinsic value – zero.”

In contrast, the most popular cryptocurrencies are in a growth phase, so they are likely to increase in value.

Consequently, if you earn Binance Coin on a casino, it could act as a hedge against the inflation that cripples fiat.

BNB is the future; fiat currency belongs in a museum.

Protect your privacy

Even though casino usage is popular, society still looks down upon this pastime.

Financial institutions, for example, dislike the practice of playing on these sites.

They like it when you fund your hobby with fiat, as it is easy for them to trace.

There are many reports of them turning down mortgage applications because the individual used a casino company.

However, when you use Binance Coin, there is no possible way for the bank to know unless you tell them!

This is because the banking system is not involved in these transactions.

Consequently, you keep banks out of the loop and can use a casino with no chance of them catching you.

Improved security

Opponents of crypto point out that hacks and thefts are relatively common in the market.

Yet, most lawbreaking occurs on the digital asset exchanges.

BNB casinos, on the other hand, usually provide a haven for users.

Binance Coin transactions are encrypted and verified multiple times on the network.

Also, the private keys used in transfers are long and exceedingly hard to decode.

Most digital currency experts suggest Binance Coin is safer than using a credit card.

More enjoyable UX

Those who try BNB casinos often claim they find them more entertaining than conventional casinos.

Here are six reasons why these modern sites offer a better UX:

  • Rapid transaction times so you’re not waiting to fund your account

  • Lower transaction fees

  • Additional bonuses when playing with BNB

  • Up to date web design

  • Increased limits on deposits and withdrawals

  • A smaller chance of having your account closed for winning

As a gambler, you won’t regret switching to casinos accepting Binance Coin.

Main cryptos overview

Overall, you’ll find thousands of cryptocurrencies with new ones seemingly created each day.

However, most casinos that allow digital currency use only accept a handful.

Keep reading to learn more about four of the most popular digital assets accepted on casino companies that use crypto.

Binance Coin

Binance Coin is one of the leading crypto tokens issued by the Binance exchange.

The currency was initially working on the Ethereum blockchain with ERC standard before it switched to the Binance network.

It has the symbol BNB and players can utilize it on reputable casinos.

Binance coin has different applications in today’s market and you can use it for playing transactions, financial and online services, entertainment activities, and more.

As one of the major cryptos, BNB has an average market cap of $56 billion.


Ethereum is the second biggest digital coin, well ahead of the rest of the field.

Created by Gavin Wood and Vitalik Buterin and released in July 2015, ETH has experienced a rapid increase in value as its benefits become clear.

With a transaction time of 12 seconds, Ethereum is one of the best options for rapid deposits and withdrawals.

Even though ETH is already costly, some believe it will overtake Bitcoin one day, so the time might be right to invest in it.


Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus created Dogecoin in December 2013 as a joke.

The coin is now synonymous with the image of the Shiba Inu dog breed.

With fans such as Tesla’s founder, Elon Musk, this crypto asset has a potentially bright future.

Find out if your preferred casino accepts DOGE and benefit from rapid deposits/withdrawals and a strong layer of security.

One possible issue with Dogecoin is the lack of a supply limit, which may cause inflation; also, few sites enable you to use it.


Created in January 2009 by an individual or group called Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin is the digital currency that started the revolution.

BTC has a market cap of over $1 trillion and is worth significantly more than any other coin.

Since Bitcoin has the greatest value and is the best-known cryptocurrency, practically all crypto casinos allow its use.

BTC’s cost is one issue; it requires a big investment to own a relatively small amount.

On the plus side, the Bitcoin network is incredibly secure and has never been successfully hacked.

Crypto and Casinos in Canada: What Is Their Legal Status?

Your ability to enjoy casino websites accepting BNB boils down to your nation’s laws regarding both playing and cryptocurrencies.

You might find that your nation has no issue with digital assets but forbids gambling, or it might allow betting but not crypto.

In some cases, you can try to use casinos accepting Binance Coin even if it is against the law, but it is a huge risk.

Should the site choose to ban you and keep your money, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Happily, if you live in Canada, BNB casino website usage is legal!

I live in Canada; can I legally use BNB?

Absolutely! In Canada, you have the right to use BNB exchanges and make transactions with the new currency.

However, it is not classified as legal tender.

As a result, the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) won’t let you use it to pay your taxes.

Please note that the Agency expects you to pay tax on cryptocurrency earnings.

Accordingly, during tax season, you have to outline any profit/loss on it.

Digital assets are not regulated in Canada, even though the exchanges that sell them are.

This is why relatively few merchants accept digital currency transactions since there is no bank protection.

In contrast, casino websites with Binance Coin are happy to take the risk as it is a means of improving their revenue.

Where is the best place to purchase BNB?

Exchanges are probably the best place to buy Binance Coin.

In Canada, there is protection for users as crypto exchanges are regulated as money services operations.

As a result, such crypto marketplaces must conform to the same rules regarding reporting, recordkeeping, due diligence, and verification.

A rule that came into play in June 2020 legally requires these businesses to register with FinTRAC.

It is Canada’s main authority when it comes to investigating and punishing financial misconduct.

Overall, purchasing and using Binance Coin in Canada comes with numerous protections.

Can Canadians Play online?

As a resident of Canada, you are legally permitted to play online.

The legal age for gambling in Canada is 19.

The exceptions are Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec, which permit 18-year-olds to play too.

Unless the CRA declares you a professional gambler, any money you make from successful plays remains untaxed.

As far as casino companies are concerned, it is illegal to operate on Canadian soil without provincial government licensing or ownership.

Nevertheless, approximately 1,000 unlicensed offshore sites currently exist and offer games to Canadians.

Single-game betting is now legal

Canada’s betting rules come from the Criminal Law Amendment Act of 1968-69.

Rather than regulating gambling on a federal level, the government permitted Canadian provinces to regulate and license gambling in 1985.

The result was an enormous number of casinos opening throughout the country.

Since this law has remained intact, provinces use their power to make rules for online casinos and bookmakers.

A recent change to gaming law in Canada finally eliminated an unusual rule that was unhelpful to bettors.

Up until August 2021, it was technically illegal to wager on a single game.

Yet, the Canadian government passed C-218, a law that finally allows the practice of single-game betting.

Here’s What You’ll Get on Binance Coin Casinos

As a first-time BNB casino user, you likely don’t know what awaits you.

However, you’ll find them similar to traditional casino websites.

In fact, once you’re used to utilizing Binance Coin on casinos, you’ll feel right at home.

They offer the same range of casino classics as standard casino websites, along with a great choice of unique games.

Even so, the majority of people want to play the casino games they know about.

We’re well aware of this fact, which is why we’ve included helpful information on five legendary games found on casino websites accepting BNB.


It is almost impossible to land on a casino that doesn’t offer blackjack.

Its popularity in casinos has remained constant despite being invented over 250 years ago.

Blackjack overview

In blackjack, the goal is to get a maximum score of 21 while also having a higher total than the dealer.

While it is better to win after two cards, you can also succeed once you draw a third card.

Initially, the dealer gives you two cards face up, but you can only see one of their two cards.

At this point, you must do one of the following:

  • Hit: The dealer gives you a third card and a fourth and fifth if you ask

  • Stand: You don’t add another card as you’re happy with your total

When the dealer or player scores 22 or more, their hand is ‘bust,’ and they lose if the other person doesn’t go bust in the same hand.

Blackjack card value

  • Aces: Either 1 or 11

  • Face Cards: 10

  • Numbered Cards: 2-10 as per their standard value

What’s a blackjack win worth?

Overall, you will double your play if you win, although you might lose up to 5% of your profits via a casino website’s commission.

Should you earn the coveted 21 score, the Binance Coin casino ordinarily provides a 50% bonus.

Other blackjack rules

If you’re in a weak position, surrendering or taking insurance decreases your potential loss.

If you’re confident with your hand, consider making a double down or split wager to increase your profit potential.

In some cases, BNB casinos may mandate that a dealer stands on ‘soft’ 17; look at their Ts and Cs to find out.

If you have an Ace, your hand is ‘soft’ because you have the option to change its value.


Invented in France over two centuries ago, roulette remains a popular casino classic.

It is best to use the European roulette wheel as it has 37 numbers; 1-36 and a single zero.

In contrast, there are two zeroes in the 38-number American wheel, which is good for the casino.

Before the croupier drops the ball into the spinning wheel, you have to decide where you think the ball will stop.

Look for the BNB casino’s betting table when you want to place a wager.

These are some of the most popular roulette plays:

  • The straight-up play at 35/1 is the ‘go-to’ for people who are feeling lucky.

  • Yet the odd/even or red/black options are better if you want your bankroll to last a little longer.

  • Additional interesting roulette plays include double street at 5/1 or the split at 17/1.

Avoid roulette strategies such as Fibonacci as they simply don’t work.

The house has a built-in edge, so it is unwise to consider roulette as a method of earning a long-term income.

Instead, make your plays with fun in mind, and enjoy the unique thrill offered by this legendary casino game.


One could argue that the Sittman and Pitt machine of the early 1890s was the first slot.

Nonetheless, Charles Fey stole the limelight with his Liberty Bell machine developed at around the same time.

While Liberty Bell is well over a century old, it is still the basis for what you’ll find on casino that accept BNB.

You have the option of using the vintage 3-reel slots or upgrading to the contemporary 5-reel.

Whether you pick 3-reels or 5-reels, you’ll find it easy to use and get drawn into the speed of the game.

Therefore, people are often attracted to slots due to their ease of use and the fact one can make hundreds of plays in an hour.

For those hoping to strike it lucky, casinos with Binance Coin offer progressive jackpots which sometimes pay out six or even seven figures.

It takes good luck to win on slots because the house edge is often substantial.

Video Poker

Most Binance Coin casino website users prefer to try Jacks or Better above all other forms of video poker.

Of course, there are different poker games on offer, including Aces and Faces and Tens or Better.

The simplicity of Jacks or Better is a major draw; all you need is a pair of Jacks from five cards to win.

Other winning hands include three of a kind, a full house, and a royal flush, which offers the largest payout.

Some Binance Coin casino website machines give you a high/low option after each winning hand, an opportunity to go double or nothing.

Usually, this bonus game gives you five cards; one is face-up, and the rest are face down.

If you select a card with a greater value than the visible one, you boost your winnings.

Ultimately, bettors love Jacks or Better because it has one of the lowest house edges of any BNB casino company game.

Please note that skill is required to do well in video poker, unlike many casino games.


Baccarat is a casino game associated with elegance.

Yet this 200+-year-old French card game is simple to understand.

Baccarat Rules

In baccarat, you can select the player or banker when making plays, with the latter decreasing the casino’s edge.

Both player and banker receive two cards, and the one with the highest score wins, to a maximum of 9.

Once the score reaches 10 or more, the second number becomes the new value of the hand.

Suppose the player gets a 5 and a 9; their total is 14, but their baccarat score is 4.

You get one point for each Ace, no points for tens, Jacks, Queens, or Kings, and the value of cards worth 2-9 remains the same.

Assuming the opposition has a lower total, you win after two cards if your score is 8 or 9; this is called a ‘natural.’

If the banker and player have specific scores and no natural total, one or both receive a third card.

For instance, a score of 0-5 for the player automatically means they receive a third card if the banker doesn’t have 8 or 9.

Baccarat payouts

For the most part, a baccarat win results in you doubling your wager, although the casino takes a small commission.

You can also play Binance Coin on a tie at odds of up to 9/1, but it offers the worst value.

The site enjoys an edge of over 14% on the tie at 8/1 odds, compared to just 1.24% for the player and 1.06% for the banker.

Punto Banco is the most popular form of baccarat, but there are two common variants.

Chemin de Fer

This is France’s preferred version of baccarat and means ‘railway’ in the French language.

While there is only one dealer in Punto Banco, everyone gets a turn to deal in this version.

After completing a hand, the person sitting counter-clockwise to the dealer is in charge of the next hand.

In Chemin de Fer, players are allowed to stand on a score of 5.

In contrast, neither the player nor banker can stand on 5 in Punto Banco; they can only do so with a score of 6+.

Baccarat Banque

The Baccarat Banque version of the game has retained its popularity in European casinos.

The person willing to assume the biggest risk gets to become the banker.

You must deal at least one hand as the banker; then, you can decide if you want to continue in the position.

Please note that you can only become the banker on a maximum of three separate occasions during a game.

Apart from the rules surrounding the bank in Baccarat Banque, it is quite similar to Chemin de Fer.

How To Choose The Highest-Rated Binance Coin Casinos In 2024

The market’s rapid growth means there is a dizzying number of casino websites that accept Binance Coin available to Canadians.

Rather than picking the first one you see, however, be patient.

Otherwise, you might regret your choice.

Fortunately for you, here’s an overview of the criteria to consider when searching for a suitable site.


Few things matter in your search more than locating casino websites accepting BNB with positive reputations.

If you deposit money into a dodgy BNB casino and it withholds your funds, there is nothing you can do about it.

Crypto transactions can’t be reversed once finalized, so a shady site can do what it likes because there is no oversight.

Therefore, it makes sense to check out our reviews to learn more about the reputation of Canada Binance Coin casinos.

Ultimately, you need to know that the Binance Coin casino in question:

  • Has a spotless record

  • Lets you access your money

  • Cares about its customers

Deposits & withdrawals

One of the benefits of using Binance Coin is the incredibly fast transaction time.

However, not every Binance Coin casino excels in this department and may also have some limitations.

Here are three questions to ask regarding BNB casino transactions:

  • How long must you wait for deposits & withdrawals to process?

  • Does it accept popular digital currencies? (These include ETH, DOGE, BTC, and LTC)

  • How much are you allowed to deposit and withdraw at once?

Assortment of games and markets

No matter what casino you use, boredom quickly hits if there isn’t enough choice.

If a certain casino that accepts Binance Coin doesn’t give you enough to do, there’s no reason to keep using it.

Consequently, go through a site thoroughly to ensure there’s plenty of things to generate your interest and keep it.

Furthermore, focus on the standard of the site.

Even if there are many options, generic games and sports markets soon lose their appeal.

Moreover, sites that offer progressive jackpots and long odds could help you get the most out of your Binance Coin.

Bonuses & Other Benefits

Typically, casino companies offer bonuses as a means of bringing in new customers.

Common bonuses include:

  • Welcome bonus

  • Special bonuses if you deposit/withdraw using Binance Coin

  • VIP packages

  • No deposit bonuses

  • Reload bonuses

Please ensure you read the terms and conditions attached to each bonus.

While you might think they provide a reasonable benefit, you can expect the site to add restrictive terms.

A case in point is that you have to play through up to 60 times your first deposit to benefit from the bonus.

Customer support

You also want a site that solves customer complaints quickly and effectively.

It doesn’t matter if you have tons of options and can quickly withdraw and deposit Binance Coin.

Casinos with Binance Coin that fail to help out when you’re in need are worthless.

Encountering casinos with dire customer service can ruin your day.

In contrast, rapidly getting to the root of any problems you have is a sign of a legit Binance Coin casino.

Such companies help solve issues efficiently, so you can enjoy the site.

The best Binance Coin Casinos are in our guide

You’ll find a ton of information about BNB casinos online without question.

Unfortunately, you can’t trust a LOT of it!

In most cases, sites that provide faulty information are too lazy to find the truth.

In contrast, we use as many resources as possible to provide the best review of a casino company.

It takes many hours of play to ensure we get enough information.

However, it is worth it to provide what we believe are the best reviews in the industry.

While you will find hundreds of casino reviews by our team, we’re only getting started!